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    MANHATTAN Ultra-thin High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, HEC, ARC, 3D, 4K, HDMI Male to Male, Shielded, Black, 1,8m

    Přidat do oblíbenýchMANHATTAN Ultra-thin High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, HEC, ARC, 3D, 4K, HDMI Male to Male, Shielded, Black, 1,8m
    Specifikace kabelu / redukce:HDMI kabel.

    Kód produktu254513
    Part number394369
    EAN produktu766623394369
    Záruka:1 Doživotní
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    High Speed Cables deliver ultra high-definition performance with no tangles.

    HDMI has become the standard digital connection, delivering the highest-quality audio and video signal over a single cable. With an ultra-thin, tangle-resistant design, gold-plated contacts and a sturdy yet slim PVC jacket, Manhattan Ultra-thin High Speed HDMI Cables are carefully constructed to meet the evolving needs of the ultra high-definition marketplace. Manhattan High Speed HDMI Cables provide the highest resolution possible at 4K x 2K, an audio return channel and a bandwidth of 18 Gbps at 600 MHz. These high-quality cables provide ultra high-definition video and multichannel, digital audio with increased performance characteristics and greater accuracy. Expanded features include Internet connectivity for home entertainment devices using a single HDMI connection. Plus, this cable's unique design makes it easy to handle and shape without worrying about snags and tangles.


    Ultra-thin and flexible cable design; allows for easier handling and management than standard cables
    Supports HDMI Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 3D Video, 4K@60Hz Display and Deep Color
    4K, UHD resolution supports video resolution 4 times 1080p; up to 1080p resolution in 3D and Deep Color
    ARC-allows TV's audio to transmit through your audio system; no need for additional audio cable
    High-speed Ethernet, bi-directional networking at up to 100 Mbps
    Up to 18 Gbps at 600 MHz bandwidth
    Compliant with High Speed HDMI with Ethernet specifications
    Double shielded to reduce EMI and other interference sources
    Compatible with any HDMI device, such as Blu-ray, game consoles, stereos, PCs and more
    Lifetime Warranty


    Standards and Certifications:
    UL 20276
    ISO 9002

    Bandwidth: 18 Gbps at 600 MHz
    HEC support
    Meets or exceeds existing HDMI standards
    Length: 1,8 m

    (2) HDMI 19-pin male
    Gold-plated contacts
    Molded PVC boot
    Built-in strain relief

    36 AWG cable
    Double shielded
    Current rating: 0.5 A DC
    Withstanding voltage: 300 V DC
    Insulation resistance: 5 MOhms
    Conductive resistance: 5 Ohms
    Thermal plastic casing

    Package Contents:
    Ultra-thin High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet Channel

    Specifikace kabelu / redukce: HDMI kabel
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