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    MANHATTAN multifunkční převodník z USB 3.1 type C Male na HDMI, USB 3.0 A a USB C Females

    Přidat do oblíbenýchMANHATTAN multifunkční převodník z USB 3.1 type C Male na HDMI, USB 3.0 A a USB C Females
    Specifikace kabelu / redukce:Adaptér, Redukce.

    Kód produktu254484
    Part number152037
    EAN produktu766623152037
    Záruka:1 Doživotní
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    Easily connect a USB type-C device with an HDMI display and USB peripherals.

    The Manhattan USB Type-C HDMI Docking Converter establishes a fast, simple and convenient link between newer USB type-C equipped media sources (computers, tablets, etc.) and existing HDMI displays (monitors, projectors, etc.), in either mirror- or extended-display mode. Create a mini-workstation by adding any USB 3.0 peripheral such as a mouse, keyboard, hub, external memory device and more with the integrated USB 3.0 port. Charge a device through the type-C charging port.

    The Manhattan USB Type-C HDMI Docking Converter is easy and quick to install. No complicated configuration or setup is required to enhance the functionality of your type-C device. Its all-in-one design achieves a compact, integrated solution that eliminates unnecessary cables, tangles and clutter to keep installations and work spaces neat and orderly.


    Multi-function docking converter connects a USB type-C port to an HDMI display, USB 3.0 port and type-C charging port
    Enjoy Ultra High-Definition(UHD) video and audio on an HDMI monitor, projector or other display device
    Mirror or Extended display modes support video resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz or 3840x2160p@30Hz, 4K, Full UHD
    Provides a standard USB 3.0 type-A port to connect mice, keyboards or portable memory devices (and more) or to charge and sync a portable electronic device
    USB-A port supports superspeed (5Gbps) data transmission, charging up to 7.5W (5V/1.5A); BC1.2 compliant
    USB-C port supports charging at 60W (20V@3A)
    USB-C supports 5Gbps data transmission
    Supports USB Power Delivery (PD) function up to 60 watts
    Compatible with all USB type-C supported desktops, notebooks and tablets including Apple MacBook, Chromebook Pixel and more
    Compliant with DisplayPort 1.2 Alternate Mode (DP Altmode)
    Plug and Play
    Fully shielded to reduce EMI and other interference sources
    Molded PVC boot and strain relief
    Lifetime Warranty


    Standards and Certifications
    USB 3.1
    HDCP 1.4

    Bus powered, up to 60 watts
    Overcurrent protection

    USB type-C, 24-pin, male
    HDMI, 19-pin, female
    USB type-C, 24-pin, female
    USB type-A, 4-pin, female

    Video Resolutions
    640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1920 x 1200, 3840 x 2160p@30Hz, 4K

    24-AWG cable gauge
    Mylar and aluminum shielding
    Withstanding voltage: 300 VDC
    Insulation resistance: 10 MΩ
    Conductive resistance: 5 Ω
    Thermal plastic casing
    Length: 8 cm (3 in.)
    Weight: 31 g (1.1 oz.)
    Housing: ABS plastic

    Operating Environment
    Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C
    Storage Temperature: 20 ~ 60°C
    Humidity (noncondensing): 5 ~ 90%

    System Requirements
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 or Linux or Mac 9.x/10.x or above

    Package Contents
    SuperSpeed USB C HDMI Docking Converter
    Quick Instruction Guide

    Specifikace kabelu / redukce: Adaptér, Redukce
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